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Your spice for life

 Handmade cooking seasonings made from recipes handed down through generations by the Wagner-Vepsä family. 

All you need in one jar to elevate your everyday cooking. 

Let our passion and joy for cooking add spice to your life.


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About us

The Spice WaVe philosophy

Spice WaVe has gotten its name from combining the WAgner-VEpsä family surname. The seasonings that are produced by hand are based on recipes that have been handed down through generations, and used in their kitchen for decades. We only use high quality products that are kind to us people and the environment around us. There are no added preservatives or salt in our products. Only pure and clean natural ingredients. Our philosophy in life is to make cooking and everyday life easier for all, hence the different seasonings with everything in one jar. Join the philosophy and add spice (WaVe) to your life.   

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